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What's in Jack's Notebook on This Is Us?

This Is Us: Let's Discuss the Important Notebook Jack Saved From the Fire, Shall We?

If you're still in mourning over Jack Pearson's death, we have some good news for you: he's not going anywhere. While Milo Ventimiglia told Esquire that the show will take a deeper look at his This Is Us character's past and his life before Rebecca, fans picked up on something in the heartbreaking episode that could be a huge clue about Jack's legacy decades after his death, as well.

In the bag of items that Rebecca tearfully leaves the hospital with is a Bundy Builders notebook. It's unknown if Jack grabbed this from the burning home and kept it in the pillow case along with other important family items or if he had it in his pocket during the fire, but regardless, this notebook clearly meant a lot to him. As Reddit user OvertimeLine29 calls out, "this notepad will be significant."

This notepad will be significant. I feel like Jack grabbed it on his way out for himself. from r/thisisus

We've seen this notebook a few times in the series thus far. When Jack transcribes notes from an Alcoholics Anonymous book before the college football coach comes to the house, and again in the last scene before the fire starts, when Jack rips out a page and writes a note to Kevin that he owes him an apology. The notebook has been right in front of our faces this whole time, but what's inside?

Well, we have two ideas. First, based on the clues above, the contents of the notebook could contain all of Jack's important AA notes. When we see present-day Kevin looking through old family items during the Super Bowl episode, he may stumble upon his father's Bundy Builders notebook and find the key to his own recovery. Kevin is slowly accepting that his struggle is similar to his fathers, and this notebook may be exactly what he needs.

The other possibility is that the notebook contains all of Jack's plans for Big Three Homes, the construction company he never had the chance to start. The comments on the above Reddit thread even call out that "construction, design, and product management," could be the new jobs of Kevin, Randall, and Kate, respectively. The question is, how will the big three find this notebook decades after their father's death?

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