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What Is Netflix's The Umbrella Academy TV Show About?

The Umbrella Academy: Watch the Wickedly Fun Trailer For Netflix's New Superhero Series

If the recent X-Men movies had a better sense of humour about them, perhaps they would've ended up resembling something akin to Netflix's latest stab at the superhero genre: The Umbrella Academy, a TV series adapted from the comics created by My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá.

In the first trailer, we're introduced to a world where, on the same day in October 1989, 43 women around the world wake up and miraculously (and inexplicably) deliver babies, despite having shown no symptoms of pregnancy prior to that. Seven of those children are adopted by eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who intends to use their superhuman abilities to save the world by forming the Umbrella Academy. However, the family/team fractures in their teenage years, and they all go their own separate ways. Sorry, universe.

Fortunately, years later, six of the surviving 30-something members of the group — Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Vanya, and Number Five — find themselves back together when Hargreeves dies under mysterious circumstances, and they resolve to work together to figure out what's going on. With the threat of a global apocalypse imminent, the world will rely on them to save the day despite clashing personalities and abilities.

Tallulah's Ellen Page stars as Vanya, alongside Game of Thrones alum Tom Hopper (Luther), Genius's Robert Sheehan (Klaus), and Mary J. Blige as Cha-Cha, a time-travelling assassin. Sold yet? Watch the wickedly fun trailer above, which gives a taste of the stylish series to come as Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now" plays in the background.

All 10 episodes of The Umbrella Academy drop on Feb. 15.

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