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What Are the Seven Realms in Shazam?

Everything You Need to Know About the Seven Realms in Shazam!

SHAZAM!, Asher Angel, 2019.  Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

Warning: spoilers for Shazam! below.

If you stuck around to watch the postcredits scenes in Shazam!, you'll know that the ominous midcredits bonus is basically a teaser for a potential sequel. While the clip is short, it connects Shazam! to the DC universe at large while introducing a new character: Mister Mind.

The Midcredits Scene Explained

In the first postcredits scene, Shazam's enemy Sivana is locked up for his crimes. While trying to access the Rock of Eternity by scribbling magic symbols onto his cell walls, he encounters Mister Mind, a tiny evil caterpillar-like being, who offers to help him get magic powers. Mister Mind says they'll work together and take over the Seven Realms. But what the heck are the Seven Realms?

The Seven Magiclands in the Comics

The Seven Realms are actually the Seven Magiclands, which have been recently introduced in an ongoing storyline in the comics. While setting up their lair, Billy and his siblings learn that in the Rock of Eternity is a hidden area called the Station, which is a terminal to the Seven Magiclands.

Freddy and Billy are ecstatic about exploring the lands, but Mary is cautious. Still, she's outnumbered, and so they hop on a train, their first stop Funlands. Curious about where their adventures take Shazam and his family? Here's everything we know about the Magiclands.

A Breakdown of Each of the Magiclands

  • Funlands: This is the siblings' first stop. Packed with children and creepy little clowns, it's similar to an amusement park but bigger and better. Freddy calls it "Disneyland on steroids." King Kid rules the area, and he's desperate to become Billy's seventh sibling to get powers. But after he learns that Mary is about to turn 18 and that the kids become adults when they power up, he directs his clown minions to split the siblings up into the different lands.
  • Gamelands: Eugene and Pedro end up here. It's filled with colorful races and games, and they need a high score to survive in it. To escape, the brothers need to beat the Gamemaster and go through the exit, which costs a toll of one million points.
  • Wildlands: Freddy and Darla end up here, where there are anthropomorphic animals who walk like humans. People, on the other hand, are locked up in zoos.
  • Wozenderlands: We don't know a lot about this trippy-sounding place, but it supposedly overlaps with Funlands in terms of style. Apparently, there are talking trees there, according to Shazam! illustrator Dale Eaglesham.
  • Monsterlands: At the Station, this is the land that's closed off from the group because it's boarded up. The name of the mysterious place tips off that it could be related to Mister Mind and his Monster Society of Evil.
  • Darklands: Not much is known about this realm, but in terms of style, the Darklands overlap with the Monsterlands.
  • Earthlands: Earth is at the centre of all of the other lands. Humans reside here, obviously. On the Earthlands, there's drama because Billy's biological dad pops up at his foster parents' home while he and his siblings go missing.

Anyway, while everyone's in the Magiclands, Black Adam arrives at the Rock of Eternity in the comics. He's probably the only person who can save Billy and his family, although he doesn't look too happy to find out what they've done. Remember Mister Mind? Black Adam is part of the telepathic creature's Monster Society of Evil, so we'll probably see him (he'll be played by The Rock in his own upcoming solo movie) in Shazam! 2.

It'll be exciting to see how the Magiclands translate onto the big screen. Plus, we're looking forward to seeing the grown-up versions of Billy's siblings get more screen time in the very likely sequel!

Image Source: Everett Collection
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