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What Song Does Jane Dance to in Big Little Lies Season 2?

Big Little Lies: Is Jane Chapman a Timothée Chalamet Fan?

What Song Does Jane Dance to in Big Little Lies Season 2?
Image Source: HBO

Some things in Monterey have changed as Big Little Lies kicks off season two, but the HBO show's killer soundtrack and Jane Chapman's dancing are destined to stay the same. Much like season one, when viewers meet up with Jane again she's using her moves to diffuse stressful situations. This time, she's listening to the Oscar-nominated song "Mystery of Love" by Sufjan Stevens, originally written for Call Me By Your Name.

"OH. SOUNDTRACK." That's the message I received from my best friend (and self-proclaimed Timothée Chalamet fanatic) as we live-texted each other throughout the season two premiere, and Stevens' familiar notes floated from our speakers. In season one, Jane drifted towards metal and angry rock to deal with her trauma. Now that her burden has been eased (albeit, in a complicated way) she's leaning towards a more peaceful playlist.

"Mystery of Love" is not only the ideal song for a beachside dance session — it also set the scene between Chalamet's Elio and Armie Hammer's Oliver during an intimate Call Me By Your Name moment. I half-expected the 23-year-old actor to come gliding into frame with Jane, but alas, we're greeted by her offbeat coworker instead.

My BFF and I are definitely not the only fans who noticed the subtle connection between the easily acronymed BLL and CMBYN. For better or for worse, Twitter users were quick to call out the recognisable song. Keep reading to see a few of their reactions. Sorry Infinity War, this is the most ambitious crossover event in history.

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