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When Will Luther Season 5 Be on Netflix?

Luther Is Back to Playing Dirty in Season 5 With a New Nightmare and a Surprise Return

BBC's favourite crime drama is returning for a fifth season, and it looks like Detective Chief Inspector John Luther (Idris Elba) is back to his old tricks. A killer is on the loose, and Luther is called in to dive into the "deepest depths of human depravity" to put a stop to this new nightmare. This time around, Luther teams up with DS Catherine Halliday (RIP Justin), who asks if this is "normal." Girl. Luther does creepy, psycho killers like no one else, and it looks like this season will be no exception.

And since Luther would never miss a chance to really shake the table, the final moments of the action-packed trailer reveal a surprise return in the form of Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson). Her appearance is brief, bloody, and ominous as all hell, especially considering she's supposed to be dead. We cannot wait to find out what she's been up to since we saw her last.

Luther is set to return to BBC One in December but has no premiere date for BBC America or Netflix just yet. Until then, take the chance to pore over every detail in the trailer above!

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