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Who Is Jacqueline From The Bachelor?

6 Fun Facts About The Bachelor's New Frontrunner, Jacqueline

Some contestants on The Bachelor make a big impression right away, while others take a little more time to come out of their shell. Jacqueline Trumbull proved to be worth the wait, because she's become a key woman on the journey to Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s heart.

Trumbull is gorgeous, of course, but her intellect is what really stands out. She's well-traveled, has strong ambitions, and puts her feelings out there. And honestly, after watching her on season 22, we all kind of want to date her . . .

  1. She's from Morgantown, WV. It's a town close to the southwest border of Pennsylvania, and it looks like that's where she learned to ride an ATV like a pro!
  2. She's not done with her education just yet. Trumbull works for a psychiatry research lab and has every intention of going back to school to get a PhD in chemical psychology. No wonder Luyendyk Jr. was worried that she was too smart for him! This is one smart girl.
  3. She has a bad case of the travel bug. From Peru to Taiwan, Trumbull has seen a lot of this gorgeous world! She even lived in Slovakia for a year. But she must like New York City the best because if she won the lottery, she says that she would buy a penthouse in Soho (same, girl).
  4. She values her family and has a niece. Trumbull says that admires her family the most, and we have no doubt that they have some intellectual conversations around the dining room table. Oh, and just look at her maternal instincts coming out with her tiny niece!
  5. She's a cat person and scotch kind of girl. I don't know, I just think that your pet preference and drink of choice tells you a lot about a person. Trumbull likes to sip scotch and, although she loves dogs too, she chooses cats. Draw your own conclusions!
  6. She found a BFF on The Bachelor. Hey, Kendall Long! The two became good friends (and cuddle buddies?) during filming. So even if neither of these two find love with Luyendyk Jr., at least they have each other!
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