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Who Plays King Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar Live?

No One Can Get Enough of Alice Cooper's Mic-Dropping King Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar

There were no shortage of exceptional performances in NBC's Jesus Christ Superstar Live on Sunday night. John Legend and Sara Bareilles knocked it out of the park as Jesus and Mary Magdalene, respectively, while Brandon Victor Dixon's scene-stealing Judas had us bowing down thanks to his glittery rendition of "Superstar." Of all the characters in the show, however, it seemed like fans couldn't get enough of Alice Cooper's King Herod, who ended up being one of the evening's most unexpected delights.

The singer, songwriter, and overall rock god has spent the last fifty or so years simultaneously shocking and charming the music world with his raspy voice and performances full of fake blood and guillotines, so the choice to cast him as King Herod in an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical might have seemed like it was coming out of left field. That being said, as soon as he stepped out onstage in his fiery suit to tell Jesus to get out of his life, a fan-favourite was born.

Watch his electric performance above, and then check out all the hilarious and heartwarming things Twitter had to say about Cooper.

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