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Why Is Tony on Probation in 13 Reasons Why?

2 Reasons Tony Is on Probation in 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why

If ever there's a voice of reason in 13 Reasons Why, it's Tony. The original caretaker of the tapes is a genuine friend to Clay, and he continues to do his best to help support Hannah's mother. But as the story continues through season two, we find out that Tony, for all his helpfulness and support, has his own past that limits and complicates his actions.

Spoiler alert for season two!

Early on in season two, we learn that Tony is on probation — but why? It's revealed that he's is on his third strike after two previous assaults, including one in which he and his brothers were trying to protect his sister. We see him in season two at the boxing ring, and later, in a flashback, beating down a man who calls him out as he's walking with then-boyfriend Ryan. The man calls them f*ggots, and Tony nearly beats the life out of the homophobic passerby. Later in the season, we see Tony avoid spending time with recovering addict Justin, because if he's caught, he'll be jailed.

Despite his status with the law, Tony is the getaway driver for the would-be school shooter in the season finale. It's in character for him; he risks his freedom in an effort to help those who he feels have been wronged. That doesn't make his assaults on others OK; it doesn't make him the hero, but his choice illustrates what a complex world he lives in.

As he says, "Even when you try to do the right thing, you can get in trouble."

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