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Adele Reacts to SZA Marine Biology Fun Fact at Grammys 2023

Adele Had a Priceless Reaction to Learning SZA Was Almost a Marine Biologist

Adele Reacts to SZA Marine Biology Fun Fact at Grammys 2023

Adele continues to inspire the internet's best memes. From meeting her celebrity crush Dwayne Johnson to winning the award for best pop solo performance, the singer had quite the night at the 2023 Grammys, resulting in a series of glorious reaction shots. But viewers may have missed one of her funniest: in a now-viral clip on Twitter, Adele has a priceless reaction to learning SZA was almost a marine biologist.

While introducing SZA as a presenter, host Trevor Noah spoke to the success of her new album "SOS," saying, "Just think, this is a woman who almost became a marine biologist. And if she had, there would be no theme song for killing your ex." (Prior to pursuing music, SZA was a marine biology major in college and continues to fight for environmental justice.) Upon hearing the comment about SZA's unlikely profession, Adele is seen squinting in confusion and shaking her head, before saying, "Oh, wow!" while chatting with her boyfriend, Rich Paul.

Often referred to as a "walking meme," her hilarious reaction became a favourite Grammys moment for many Twitter users. "Adele is so unintentionally funny," one user wrote, while another said, "adele in the background learning about SZA almost being a marine biologist just like the rest of us."

Internet-famous memes of Adele have ensued in the past following her intentionally ignoring the cameras at an NBA game amid a courtside date with Paul, as well as after casually sharing a snippet of "Easy on Me" on Instagram Live.

See more photos of Adele and SZA at the Grammys ahead.

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