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BBC Britney Spears’s Conservatorship Documentary Details

The BBC Is Filming a Documentary That Will Explore Britney Spears's Conservatorship

Britney Spears, amerikanische Popsängerin, bei einem Promoshooting in München, Deutschland 1999. American pop singer Britney Spears during a promotional photo shoot at Munich, Germany 1999. (Photo by Fryderyk Gabowicz/picture alliance via Getty Images)

The BBC has announced a new documentary set to investigate Britney Spears's conservatorship, which she has been under for the past 13 years. Journalist Mobeen Azhar uncovers truths about the legal arrangement, which allows her father legal control over her finances and career. "This film taps into the energy of the #FreeBritney movement and questions the industry, fandom, and the laws that facilitate conservatorships," said Azhar in a press release.

In the documentary, Azhar travels from Spears's hometown of Kentwood, LA, to Los Angeles and discusses the topic with both Spears's conservatorship and also fans behind the #FreeBritney movement. "I went to LA in search of the truth of how Britney Spears, one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, ended up in a conservatorship," Azhar said. "I found myself in a world of lawyers, superfans, and paparazzi and spent time with many of the people who've had a front row seat in Britney's life. This film taps into the energy of the #FreeBritney movement and questions the industry, fandom and the laws that facilitate conservatorships."

The BBC documentary comes just a few months after Framing Britney Spears was released on NOW, which explores her early career, the relentless treatment from paparazzi, and also her conservatorship.

The new Spears documentary (which doesn't have a confirmed title yet) is set to air on BBC Two "later this spring", according to the BBC.

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