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The UK’s Best Christmas TV Adverts of 2021

A Comprehensive List of All the Charming Christmas TV Adverts of 2021

Every year, we look forward to the famous Christmas TV adverts, which, despite our best efforts, either make us all an emotional wreck (we're looking at you, John Lewis), or leave us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Though we're not quite stuck inside our homes this year like we were last, it's still been a challenging time — and one that can certainly be made a little brighter through some festive cheer. It might only be the beginning of November, but we're loving the adverts. So far, we've been pepped up with M&S's 2021 Christmas advert, telling the story of Percy Pig (voiced by Tom Holland) coming to life for the first time and exploring the shop and all of its delights with his fairy friend (voiced by Dawn French). John Lewis surprised us with its "Unexpected Visitor", which saw Nathan share all of his favourite festivities with his new extraterrestrial friend Skye.

Read on to watch this year's best festive TV ads of 2021.

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