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Best Harry Styles Love on Tour Videos

Harry Styles Ends His 2-Year Love on Tour: "I'll See You Again When the Time Is Right"

Best Harry Styles Love on Tour Videos
Image Source: Getty / Anthony Pham

It's been two years since Harry Styles first took Love on Tour, and now he has finally performed his last show. The long world tour behind his album "Harry's House" closed on 22 July in Reggio nell'Emilia in Italy, but in true Styles form, he wasn't about to leave the stage without one last trick up his leave. The "As It Was" singer returned to perform a 10-minute piano instrumental at the end of the gig, leaving fans to speculate as to what this addition could mean.

Styles, wearing a gold fringed waistcoat and flared trousers for the occasion, sat down at the piano and said, in Italian, "A secret for you, this evening". He then took to the keys and played a slow, soulful melody before the fireworks finale. While many fans took to social media taking the performance as his final goodbye to his Love on tour era, others were excited at the prospect of new material from the singer. However, the 29-year-old has revealed he is going on a well-deserved break.

Hours after the finale, Styles posted a message of gratitude on Instagram stories. "It's been the greatest experience of my entire life," he wrote alongside a photo of him taking his final bow. "To everyone who came out to see us play, thank you. I feel so incredibly full and happy, it's all because of you. You have given me memories that will last a lifetime, more than I could ever have dreamed of," he added. After thanking his band and crew, he signed off the message with a cryptic comment about when we might see him again. "Look after each other. I'll see you again when the time is right. Treat People With Kindness. I love you more than you'll ever know," he wrote. He then posted a sweet montage video of his fans attending Love on Tour over the two years.

Image Source: Instagram User @harrystyles

In addition to his global tour, Styles has managed to squeeze in a couple of films and press tours too, appearing in "Don't Worry Darling" and "My Policeman". So it's safe to say some downtime has been well-earned.

Whether you've been lucky enough to get tickets to see Styles perform or not, it's likely that you've been kept in the loop via social media. And it's been quite the eventful tour. As well as flamboyantly romantic outfits, including Gucci vests and feathers galore, we've had a double dose of Harryween costumes and wardrobe malfunctions (hello, split leather trousers). He's been hit with a flying chicken nugget, helped fans come out as gay, and sung an impromptu tribute following the death of Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie.

Perhaps the most talked-about moment was when he addressed those Chris Pine spitting rumours at his Madison Square Garden show in New York, following viral stories of a feud between the costars at the Venice Film Festival. Plus, let's not forget he's gone through a breakup while touring too, as he separated from Olivia Wilde.

Read ahead to see some of the TikTok videos from Love on Tour for you to relive your favourite onstage Styles moments.

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