Need Something to Watch on the Go? These Are the Best YouTube and Online Series Out Now


It's no secret that the likes of TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube have changed the way we consume content, and whether it's fashion hauls, viral recipes, or beauty tips, we're increasingly on the lookout for new and engaging things to watch on the go. That's where the world of online shows come in, because you can find entire series with episodes that are less than 10 minutes long, which make that wait for the bus or the tube that much easier, and don't require a lot of commitment (we're looking at you, Game of Thrones.

Before you find yourself stuck in a YouTube rabbit hole (because there is a LOT out there), we've got an expertly curated list of recommendations from some of the UK's most exhilarating creators that are guaranteed to keep you wanting more. From the internet's MAP (Most Awkward Person), Amelia Dimoldenberg, to lifestyle queen Nella Rose, there are a whole host of dazzling creators making compelling shows about their experiences with fashion, food, and pop culture, that are most definitely worth the watch.

In terms of the shows themselves, we've got E4's new How To Be A Person, the highly entertaining and informative Race Around Britain from satirist Munya Chawawa, plus some exciting new additions from brands like Nando's, Amazon Prime Video, and NPR. Basically, no matter what you're into, rest assured that we've got a series in this list that'll be perfect for you.

Read on to discover some of the best online series to watch right now on YouTube.

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Talk That Talk

An all-new Amazon Prime Video series, Talk That Talk stars Audrey Indome (of The Receipts podcast) alongside influencer Wunmi Bello, music artist Ms Banks, and Love Island's Kaz Kamwi. Each episode sees the guests discussing their favourite prime video shows, and dissecting the elements of pop culture that come with them.

Watch Talk That Talk on Amazon Prime Video now.

How To Be A Person

How To Be A Person

How To Be A Person is a five part coming-of-age scripted series on E4, written and directed by Sindha Agha. Each episode is based on the real-life experiences of Agha and the creative collaborators she has co-written the episodes with.

The series delves into the pitfalls of our teenage years and explores stories about masturbation, abortion, porn addiction, sexual experimentation, and virginity.

Watch How To Be A Person on E4's YouTube now.

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Booth Truths

Nando's five-part Booth Truths series is now in its second season and so far it's seen some pretty famous faces across different industries get together for a good old chat. Hosted in the booth of a Nando's restaurant, the series has featured the likes of Yungblud, Bimini Bon Boulash, Dr Alex, Munya Chawawa, Tayce, and Chunkz.

Watch Booth Truths on Nando's YouTube now.

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Race Around Britain

Comedian and satirist Munya Chawawa has a new series for Channel 4, called Race Around Britain. The series sees Chawawa aiming to educate people in Britain about Black culture in the hopes that cultural education and exposure will be the things we need to begin acknowledging the racial divide.

On the series, Chawawa said that "Race is a subject many people can feel uncomfortable or nervous to talk about, but everyone loves to laugh — so I wanted to see what happens when you combine the two. Comedy, to me — is a superpower, and sometimes where sensible conversation fails us, I think it's the only thing that truly helps people understand one another."

Watch Race Around Britain on YouTube now.

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How Not To Be Racist

Writer, social commentator, and activist Chanté Joseph returns to Channel 4's YouTube with a second series of her incredible show, How Not To Be Racist. With each episode, Joseph tackles topics like the royal family, the education system, and white privilege.

Watch How Not To Be Racist on YouTube.

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Secure The Bag

Secure The Bag is a brand new series by E4, hosted by financial coach Bola Sol, all about money management. Each episode focuses on a different celebrity and how they've made their money, whilst Sol shares a handful of helpful tips for those hoping to get on similar paths.

Watch Secure The Bag on E4's YouTube.

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Nella's Link Up

Nella's Link Up is a brand-new Foot Asylum series hosted by fashion and lifestyle influencer Nella Rose. The show sees Rose go head to head with Adeola Patronne and Rachel Bada in a series of challenges and quizzes.

Watch Nella's Link Up on YouTube.

Who We Be Talks

Who We Be Talks is a podcast hosted by Henrie Kwushue and Harry Pinero. Inspired by the Spotify playlist of the same name, the podcast aims to cover topics affecting today's young people. Available to listen to in full on Spotify, clips of each episode are also made available on the Who We Be Talks Instagram page.

Watch clips of Who We Be Talks on Instagram.

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NPR's Tiny Desk Concert

NPR Music (which stands for National Public Radio) frequently hosts intimate video performances with various artists, typically recorded at its studio desk. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the concerts have been most recently recorded at the artists' homes or their own choice of venue. Previous artists have included the likes of Little Simz, Anderson .Paak, and Karol G.

Watch NPR's Tiny Desk Concert on YouTube.

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Who Cares? With Amelia Dimoldenberg

Dimoldenberg strikes again, and this time it's in a new series for comedy channel Dave. The comedian swaps (some elements of) comedy for investigative journalism as she delves into a number of the nation's most interesting topics, including cancel culture, the housing crisis, and the frequently asked question: do we even need billionaires?

Watch Who Cares? With Amelia Dimoldenberg on YouTube.

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Sidemen is a comedy collective made up of seven people, KSI, Tobi, Harry, Vic, Josh, Ethan, and Simon. The boys frequently get together to film "VS" challenges and their own takes on some popular TV formats including Gogglebox, Britain's Got Talent, and The Crystal Maze.

Watch Sidemen on YouTube.

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Big Zuu's Big Eats

If you've not heard of Big Zuu, then it's time you got acquainted. The British rapper, grime MC, songwriter, DJ, and television personality is famously known from hosting his own series on UK comedy channel Dave, Big Zuu's Big Eats. A self-proclaimed food-lover, Zuu enlists the company of various celebrity guests so he can cook their favourite meals.

Watch Big Zuu's Big Eats on YouTube.

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Pressed is an all-new podcast from BBC Sounds, hosted by Nella Rose, Adeola Patronne, and Mariam Musa. Each episode sees the hosts discussing the various things that have had them "pressed" each week, as they discuss the latest in pop culture. Clips of each episode are made available to watch on the BBC Sounds YouTube channel, with full episodes available on the BBC Sounds app.

Watch clips of Pressed on YouTube.

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Amelia's Cooking Show

For fans of Dimoldenberg, her talents don't end after the chicken shop, because she also hosts her very own cooking show. Featuring comedic guests like Rose Matafeo and Maya Jama, the show sees Dimoldenberg cook a meal with her guests in QVC-style fashion.

Watch Amelia's Cooking Show on YouTube.

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Hot Ones

If you're into wings and sauces and seeing some of your favourite celebrities caught *very* much off guard, Hot Ones is the show for you. Presenter Sean Evans interviews a whole host of exciting celebs over a number of different hot sauces and wings, and it gets pretty intense.

Watch Hot Ones on YouTube.

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If I Could Tell You Just One Thing by Patricia Bright

OG YouTuber Patricia Bright has made a comeback on YouTube with a brand-new show, If I Could Tell You One Thing. A four-part series, the show sees Bright interviewing a number of online personalities (including Molly-Mae Hague) whilst talking about her own experiences.

Watch If I Could Tell You Just One Thing on YouTube.

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Chicken Shop Date

Hosted by the most hilariously awkward person on the internet, Amelia Dimoldenberg, Chicken Shop Date is a pretty self-explanatory series. Dimoldenberg enlists a celebrity to go on a date with her in a chicken shop, where she interviews them about everything from their careers to their favourite food.

Watch Chicken Shop Date on YouTube.