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Books Written by Trans or Nonbinary Writers

14 Must-Read Books Written by Trans and Nonbinary Authors

Books Written by Trans or Nonbinary Writers

Making sure your TBR pile reflects society and you're reading a diverse range of authors in 2024 is surely a must. If reading is about finding new worlds and understanding different points of view, then in many ways it's never been more important to read outside your echo chamber.

So, to make things a little bit more simple, we've put together a list of 14 refreshing reads from trans and nonbinary authors we've been loving. From beautifully illustrated collections of poetry, compelling fiction novels, and scholarly historical accounts, this list has something any reader at any level can enjoy. We've included names of staple pioneering trans authors, as well as some fresh faces we hope to introduce you to.

Whether you are a quintessential part of the LGBTQ+ community, a loyal ally, or someone looking to live through the lenses of these well-written authors, we are confident each book on this list will leave you feeling more enriched than before.

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