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British Sitcoms During the Coronavirus Pandemic Spoof Video

This Comedian Reimagined 14 British Sitcoms During the Coronavirus Pandemic, and It's Total Genius

A new video, which reimagines some of the best British sitcoms if they were filmed during the coronavirus pandemic, has gone viral — and it's nothing short of genius.

Actor and comedian Lucia Keskin is the brains and talent behind the video, impersonating the likes of Gavin and Stacey (now known as Gavin & Stay at Home), The Office (now known as Home Office), and Derry Girls (now known as Spreaderry Girls). Oh, and what would a coronavirus pandemic in Britain be without an appearance from the prime minister, or as Keskin has renamed him, "head teacher of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson".

So far, the video has already racked up 1.3 million views (half of which we're sure are us) and celebrity actors have declared their love for the spoof. "What a talented little bugger you are" EastEnders actor, Rita Simmons commented, and "You're absolutely brilliant!" said Gavin and Stacey actor Joanna Page. Star of Derry Girls Nicola Coughlan was also a huge fan and reshared the video with the caption: "Excellence 👏🏻".

Watch the full video above; it'll almost definitely be the best eight minutes you've had all week.

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