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Will There Be Cheer Season 2 on Netflix? Here's the Scoop

Ready For More of Cheer on Netflix? Here's the Latest Scoop on a Possible Season 2


The Netflix docuseries Cheer has rallied a huge squad of fans behind it already — so what are the odds of getting a season two? Right now, there's no official word from the streaming service about whether or not they're planning to keep up with the Navarro cheer team, but based on what we've seen so far, we'd say the prospects are looking pretty good!

Cheer, like pretty much every single Netflix original show, has to wait a little while after its debut for the company to make a decision about renewal. In most cases, news about renewal comes within a few months, so it could be later this Spring before Netflix makes an official announcement. However, Cheer is getting the kind of online buzz that very few shows — and even fewer documentaries that aren't true crime — get in today's incredibly fractured media landscape. That's definitely working in its favour, and although social media buzz doesn't necessarily correlate to viewing numbers, it does at least suggest that Cheer is making a big impression right off the bat.

This wouldn't be the first time Netflix has followed a college-based documentary series for multiple years, even after the original "stars" move on. Last Chance U, which has a similar format to Cheer but follows college football teams instead of a cheer squad, has had four seasons so far and is still running. That show shifted focus after a couple of years at one college to follow a new team, with a whole new set of players and coaches for the audience to get to know. Cheer could potentially do something similar, although we're pretty sure they'd stick with Navarro for at least one more year!

At the very least, there's a good chance we'll know by no later than this April whether or not Cheer is getting a second season. The NCA College Nationals are scheduled to take place from Apr. 8-12, so if Cheer is coming back, you can be Netflix crews will be back to filming by the time that major event rolls around! Until then, we'll have to wait and see.

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