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Chloe Bailey Reacts to Beyoncé Comparisons

Chloë Has the Most Beyhive Reaction to Being Compared to Beyoncé

Chloë has been getting a lot of Beyoncé comparisons since embarking on her solo career, and during a recent appearance on Tamron Hall on Wednesday, the "Have Mercy" singer addressed the comments head on. "That's the greatest compliment I could ever receive, and anytime someone says that I just get filled and overjoyed," she said. Getting more serious, Chloë then added, "But I will say there will never be another Beyoncé. There will never be another queen!" Chloë and her younger singer are both mentored by Beyoncé and signed to her Parkwood Entertainment label, which probably escalates the comparisons.

She told the host that, while her sister, Halle Bailey, was in London filming The Little Mermaid ahead of the release of Chloë's single, she started to feel like she wasn't a good enough artist to stand on her own. "We're not twins, but we operated like we were," Chloë said, adding that that caused her "separation anxiety" to the point where she began "doubting my singing voice, my ability to perform." However, with the help of "soul searching" and "prayer," she made it over that hump, and Lord, have mercy, I am grateful!

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