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Fabien Frankel Should Play Flynn in a Live-Action Tangled

Disney Fans Are Dream-Casting Fabien Frankel in a Live-Action "Tangled" Remake

Fabien Frankel Should Play Flynn in a Live-Action Tangled

If Disney releases a live-action "Tangled" remake in the near future, Fabien Frankel must be cast as Flynn Rider (aka Eugene Fitzherbert). Ever since the British actor first appeared as Ser Criston Cole in HBO's "House of the Dragon," viewers far and wide have pointed out how much he resembles Rapunzel's lover from the animated fairy-tale movies. For starters, they both have perfectly tousled brown hair and are undeniably charming, but beyond that, Frankel would also look *chef's kiss* in Flynn's vest costume. Plus, he had to film alongside horses for his "House of the Dragon" role, so riding Flynn's trusty steed, Maximus, would be a breeze.

Fans of Frankel have united to urge for his foray into the Disney universe, with dream-casting tweets and TikTok videos flooding social media for weeks. The campaign seemingly came to a head on Oct. 13, when a viral tweet claimed the 28-year-old star officially nabbed the "Tangled" role, but alas, it was just a false rumour rooted in wishful thinking. And so the campaigning continues.

As for which lucky lady should play opposite Frankel as Rapunzel in a live-action "Tangled" film, Florence Pugh and Milly Alcock seem to be top picks — the latter being a particularly popular choice since she and Frankel already have on and offscreen chemistry after starring in "House of the Dragon" together. "Never Have I Ever"'s Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is also a worthy contender, seeing as she's spoken about her desire for the role in the past. "I think Rapunzel should be a South Asian girl," she told CBS News last year. "Because hear me out, no one knows what it feels like to be trapped in your room, not able to go out because your mother is telling you no without giving you an actual proper reason like brown girls do. It's true. That would be a dream role for me."

If you're not yet aboard the "Fabien Frankel For Flynn Rider" bandwagon, the side-by-side comparisons ahead should certainly convince you to hop on.

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