Wait a Second — Do We Actually Know What Sex Baby Yoda Is?

Baby Yoda is everyone's favourite part of The Mandalorian, but we actually know surprisingly little about him. In fact, do we even know if Baby Yoda is male? We've been using male pronouns to refer to him this whole time, but if you're wondering if that's accurate — or if we even know yet — don't sweat it: Baby Yoda is, in fact, male.

The third episode is the key to confirming this basic fact. It featured a quick line that finally gave us the answer we needed. In that episode, Doctor Pershing (played by Omid Abtahi), an associate of the Client who's seeking Baby Yoda to extract midichlorians, refers to the Child as "him." That's as much confirmation as we're going to get, at least for now, but it does seem to definitively establish that Baby Yoda is biologically male.

That's one of the only definitive labels that we can put on the Child, though. We know that he's 50 years old, but since his species ages so slowly, he's still an infant or a toddler, relatively speaking. We also know that he belongs to the same species as Yoda, but we famously don't know much about that species, or even what its official name is. Perhaps Yoda's species doesn't even have a biological sex! And we don't know anything about the Child's past before he encountered the Mandalorian; we know that his relation to the Force has put a target on his back for the baddies who are hoping to "collect" midichlorians from him for some nefarious purposes. His parents, his origins, where he was during the original Star Wars trilogy (we know he was alive at that point), and how he ended up being tracked by the Client and his goons are all complete mysteries so far.

Despite being a creature of mystery, Baby Yoda has also managed to win hearts and become a viral meme (or several memes, to be exact). He's definitely the breakout star of The Mandalorian! As time goes on, hopefully we'll finally learn more information about the Child. Until then, there's plenty to speculate on!