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James Corden Talks About What It Was Like to Film Cats

James Corden Likened Filming Cats to Being on Hallucinogens: "Is This Real Life?"

Watching the Cats trailer was a surreal experience, and James Corden has now confirmed that filming the live-action adaptation was just as surreal. The host and actor recently recently took a break from hosting his own late-night talk show to appear as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he spoke about what it was like to portray Bustopher Jones in the trippy musical.

"We had one day, which was me, Taylor Swift, Rebel Wilson, Idris Elba, Sir Ian McKellen, and Judi Dench, all shooting a scene together," Corden said. "Now that in itself is quite extraordinary. Then when you add the layer of everybody pretending to be a cat, you really can't help but feel you're on some kind of hallucinogenic." He added, "You really think for a long time, 'Are we being punked? Is this real?'" Watch his incredulous reaction above and check out Cats when it hits theatres on Dec. 20.

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