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See John Krasinski Put Words to The Office Theme Song on SNL

Jim Halpert — Ahem, John Krasinski — Sang the "Original" Lyrics to The Office Theme Song on SNL

Everyone knows the familiar melody of The Office's instrumental theme song, and even though it's already iconic, John Krasinski decided to give it a bit more flair. In a sketch on the Jan. 30 episode of SNL, John — who was acting as host — remixed the theme song, adding a string of hilarious "lyrics" in the form of observations about the clips that appear in the show's opening credits.

"Scranton, Scranton, Scranton, Scranton, Scranton, Scranton, Scranton, Scranton," he begins the song's "long-lost lyrics" to the rhythm of the music. "Back where we all lived and worked as a calculator. There's Dwight, he's the bad guy, and the hero's name is Jim!"

There's more, and while it's extremely catchy, it's definitely better heard than read. Listen to the entire "original" The Office theme song as written and performed by John Krasinski in the clip above (and don't miss his opening monologue, which included a very memorable kiss).

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