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Kids Ask the Star Wars Cast Questions on Jimmy Kimmel Video

Kids Asking the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Cast Questions Is Equal Parts Hilarious and Savage

On Monday night, ahead of the world premiere of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, Jimmy Kimmel Live was dedicated to all things Star Wars. From a high-stakes game of "Force Family Feud" with the cast, to an interview that revealed exactly what each cast member stole from set, and the funniest segment of all, "Tot Quiz: Rise of Skywalker Edition."

There's something so wonderful about children asking adults a series of unfiltered, funny, and oftentimes mildly offencive, questions, so this was (of course) our favourite segment of the night. The video is hilarious from the outset, from the moment Guillermo comes onto the stage dressed as Yoda, to the final question for director J.J Abrams that proves, once again, just how uncensored children are.

We knew it was off to a good start when Abrams answered "I don't know" to the simple question, "I'm wondering how the force works, and how it's so powerful?" But things got really good when Daisy Ridley was asked if she could really do a backflip, or "are you just a liar?" She laughed, then was forced to answer, "I'm a liar." Oscar Isaac was asked a question that hit a little bit close to home — whether he was "a big character in this movie, or like, a tiny character?" Needless to say, he and Kerry Russell couldn't keep it together. Watch the full video above, then catch up on all the best moments from the world premiere of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker in Los Angeles.

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