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Lawrence Chaney and Ellie Diamond Lorraine Interview

Lawrence Chaney and Ellie Diamond Share Their Final Words Before Tonight's Drag Race UK Final

Two of this year's RuPaul Drag Race UK finalists, Lawrence Chaney and Ellie Diamond, were reunited with TV royalty Lorraine on her show this morning to talk all things drag race, ahead of tonight's final. Chaney opened up about RuPaul being a long-term inspiration, telling viewers that her mind is still blown when she thinks about being on the show. She recalled being inspired by Ru from a young age, telling viewers that "I stole a cardboard cutout of RuPaul on a bus when I was like 17, and I've never looked back. Never did I think that I'd meet RuPaul in person!"

The pair also discussed the concept of drag as a whole and talked about how their experience on the show has shaped their views. "Drag is that art of being a nobody and becoming a somebody, taking nothing and turning it into something. It's something very magical," Chaney explained. She added that "out of drag, I'm never considered as someone that's conventionally attractive" and went on to explain that there's "something about being in drag — you're not afraid to make a fool of yourself because it's not you, there's a barrier there. You're able to have a laugh."

Series two in particular has seen the queens share deeply personal stories about their pasts in between challenges, marking a new era for how British drag is portrayed onscreen. On the topic, Ellie Diamond said that "that's the magic of the show. You get to go on there, and you get to use that platform to share your stories, share your experiences, in the hope that someone out there that is watching you on TV resonates with that and goes 'well, if they can do it so can I'". Watch the full clip above.

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