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20 Best LGBTQ+ Rom Coms

20 LGBTQ+ Rom-Coms to Watch Beyond Pride Month

20 Best LGBTQ+ Rom Coms
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The rom-com genre is often overly saturated with a ton of films that involve a predictable romance between a heterosexual couple that either fall in love at first sight or move from enemies to lovers. While these tropes are definitely tried and true, there's just something a little more exciting about them when they get put through a queer lens. Although results may vary, it's still heartening to watch a queer romance unfold on the silver screen, especially when most LGBTQ+ films tend to be riddled with tragedy.

Queer people are still largely underrepresented in mainstream media, but we've seen some incredible strides in the right direction in recent years. This has brought us queer characters that people can love and relate to, and new stories that validate the LGBTQ+ experience.

Although there's still work to be done, every on-screen queer triumph and instance of shattered heteronormative ideals are still a cause for celebration. Queer stories need to be told as often and accurately as possible to help normalise the endless forms that love can come in. As LGBTQ+ media continues to grow, we can only hope that new films will include more queer people of colour, and more stories that highlight underrepresented gender identities and sexual orientations.

As queer media continues to expand, so too does the LGBTQ+ rom-com library. From heartfelt gay and lesbian films about love and acceptance, to passionate romances with trans leads, this colourful collection of 20 LGBTQ+ rom-coms will make you giggle, swoon, and wipe away tears all in one sitting.

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