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Love Is Blind Cast Help a Superfan Couple Get Married

"Love Is Blind" Alums Help Superfan Couple Get Married

The "Love Is Blind" castmates in season one and two didn't all say "I do," but they still believe in the power of love. Following the season two finale on 25 Feb., which saw two couples tie the knot, some of the contestants, including Deepti, Nick, Danielle, Salvador, Iyana, and Jarrette, decided to surprise a superfan couple on the day of their Vegas wedding with gifts and other surprises.

In a clip shared by Netflix on 8 March, Alex and Olaf shared their love story and how they were impacted by the pandemic. Olaf had been in the US on a student visa, which eventually expired once he completed his degree. "We had originally thought [the long distance] was only going to be a couple of months, and then COVID hit. That was the longest we had ever been apart," Alex explained. "He still managed to make me feel loved, and I never laughed hard than the times we just FaceTime. I feel like us being able to take a step back from doing anything physical and just really learning and growing and being intuitive with each other emotionally — it really did help. It made us strong."

To assist with the couple's wedding, the women and men of season two served as unofficial bridesmaids and groomsmen. When walking down the aisle, Sal played the "Bridal Chorus," and season one favourites Lauren and Cameron were waiting for them by the altar. Lauren and Cameron, who have been married since the season one finale of "Love Is Blind" in 2018 (although the season didn't air until February 2020), officiated the wedding. Watch the video above to see how the other contestants helped Alex and Olaf feel special.

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