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M3GAN Halloween Costume Ideas For 2023

It's Never Too Early to Start Prepping Your M3GAN Halloween Costume

M3GAN Halloween Costume Ideas For 2023
Image Source: Universal Pictures

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One of the horror genre's most sinister motifs — the haunted doll — received a 2023 upgrade in Universal Pictures's "M3GAN." While she resembles an unsettling version of a human child, the life-like android, programmed to "protect" her paired human to terrifying extremes, isn't your typical American Girl Doll. She walks, talks, and wields a two-foot knife while rocking to the beat of her own twisted murder ritual — a habit that's inspired one of TikTok's biggest dance trends this year.

Besides the fact that she seems to be powered by vengeance and malice instead of batteries, M3GAN does share a few traits with your typical doll. Namely, the AI robot has a rotating collection of outfits made for a stroll through the park, a four-legged chase through the woods, or a premeditated escapade into the neighbour's basement. From her preppy peplum coat to her perfectly polished khaki dress (soon to be splattered in blood), M3GAN's immaculate looks are part of what makes her the creeptastic robot we love to hate.

Months out from the holiday, some TikTok users have already begun to plan their M3GAN-inspired Halloween costumes, complete with wavy blond wigs and patent-leather Mary Janes. While many of the pieces from her outfits are custom, that hasn't stopped hundreds of horror-lovers from showing the villainous robot some sartorial love on social media.

Since it's never too early to start planning for Halloween, we rounded up a few ideas to replicate the rogue AI doll's signature style. Ahead, see how to dress like the horror-movie villain and check out some of our favourite M3GAN-inspired Halloween costumes to grace TikTok so far.

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