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Madison Beer's Trippy "Good in Goodbye" Music Video

Madison Beer's Futuristic "Good in Goodbye" Video Is Like a Black Mirror Episode

Madison Beer just took everything we love about Black Mirror on Netflix and turned it into a super trippy "Good in Goodbye" music video that has us ready to take on our evil twins. In what looks to be a follow-up video to her 2019 song "Dear Society," Beer is seen trapped in a lab, where she's hooked up to a mind-altering machine that sends her into a video game-like simulation. During the simulation, she's forced to defeat her toxic alter ego, who walks around with pupil-less eyes and blood dripping from her hands — so freaky.

As the video continues on, Beer and her evil other half — which seem to represent conflicting sides of her mind — take each other on in an electrifying battle set on the moon, that could mean the end of her world. See what happens when Beer faces off against her other half in the full "Good in Goodbye" video here.

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