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3 Nostalgic Rom-Com Movies to Watch This Autumn
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We're all about romanticising things these days, from our wardrobes (hello, rom-com core) to our daily lives. But what about romanticising romance itself? You know, reveling in the butterflies that accompany first (or 50th) dates, acknowledging the green flags you love about your partner, seeking out the most magical happy endings in books and films — and enjoying them alongside a cosy autumnal drink.

The latter is the idea behind Costa Coffee's partnership with ODEON. Costa Coffee knows that every romance starter pack needs a delightful autumnal drink, which is why the brand has teamed up with the cinema chain to introduce its Maple Hazel line of drinks alongside some of the best nostalgic romantic comedy movies of all time. Throughout the season, three films are returning to the big screen exclusively for Costa Club members and will be shown at different ODEON locations across the UK. Be sure to head to the Costa app through Sept. 15 and follow the instructions to enter for tickets. Tickets will be allocated via a prize draw running and terms and conditions apply.

In anticipation of the romantic affair, we're matching each movie with a delicious Maple Hazel drink. Keep reading to find your ideal pairing — consider your next first (or 50th) date sorted!

"Bridget Jones's Diary" + Maple Hazel Latte

The best thing about an Austen-inspired opposites attract storyline is the sparkling banter, and there's certainly no shortage of that in "Bridget Jones's Diary." Funny, clumsy Bridget and serious, uptight Mark are constantly thrown together, and it's satisfying to watch their tension go from hostile to smoldering.

You'll need to keep up with Bridget and her many antics throughout the film, and a Maple Hazel Latte is a delicious place to start. It's layered with roasted hazelnut flavour syrup and luxurious maple sauce, topped with light whip, and sprinkled with an autumnal crunchy biscuit topping. Plus, it's totally the type of drink Bridget herself would indulge in before getting down to business. She is, after all, the new face of British current affairs.

"Legally Blonde" + Maple Hazel Iced Latte

This classic 2000s film has everything we love in a movie: main character hatches a revenge plot and instead discovers herself — and love — along the way. The romance sub-plot follows the friends-to-lovers progression of the energetic and dramatic Elle and the calm and collected Emmett. She may be a hurricane in heels, but he's in constant awe of her, and never once tries to change her, instead giving her the space and guidance to discover herself and shine her brightest.

Pair your viewing of the film with a Maple Hazel Iced Latte. Elle is a southern California girl at heart, after all, so even if she's gearing up for a new school year on the opposite coast, she'd never give up her iced lattes. The drink features chilled milk over ice with fresh espresso, roasted hazelnut syrup, and luxurious maple sauce, all topped with light whip and sprinkled with an autumnal crunchy biscuit topping. As Elle says, "It gives it a little something extra, don't you think?"

"The Holiday" + Maple Hazel Hot Chocolate

Let us set the scene: it's winter, you've just landed in the English countryside, and you find yourself in a charmingly rustic stone cottage complete with exposed wooden beams, a brick fireplace, a standing tub, and enough cable knits to warm up a small army. We're talking, of course, about "The Holiday." While the brewing romances between Amanda and Graham and Iris and Miles are heart-warming, it wouldn't be a Nancy Meyers film without interiors covetable enough to rival the love story.

In fact, Iris's cottage is the exact place we'd want to cuddle up in after a long day with a Maple Hazel Hot Chocolate (and one of those cable knits). The rich, luxurious drink features a maple sauce and roasted hazelnut flavour syrup combination, finished with light whip and a crunchy biscuit topping. In other words, it's the ideal beverage if you, like Amanda, are also in search of some peace and quiet — or "whatever it is people go away for."