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The UK’s Favourite Christmas Advert is Sainsbury’s '1914'

The UK Was Polled to Find Out Everyone’s Favourite Christmas Advert, and It's Not Kevin the Carrot

With Christmas inching closer day by day, we've been inundated with festive adverts — and we're not mad about it. However, with every conversation relating to a newly released advert inevitably comes the conversation (read: passionate debate) about what is the best Christmas advert of all time. We all have opinions — strong ones — which is why Boiler Plan conducted a survey last year to put the debates to rest and find out what the best ad of all time is.

Turns out, Sainsbury's took the top place in all our hearts, beating out John Lewis and even Aldi's beloved Kevin the Carrot. The Sainsbury's short in question is their 2014 advert, titled 1914, which was created in partnership with The British Legion to mark 100 years since World War I. Specifically, the short film is based on true events and depicts how the guns fell silent on Christmas Eve during the Great War so British and German soldiers could come together to celebrate the Christmas period. It's a touching, emotional story for sure, and one that received 23 percent of the overall votes in the survey.

Ahead, see all of the Christmas adverts that made the UK's top five favourite picks in 2019.

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