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Scott Mills and Chris Stark Final BBC Radio 1 Show

7 Highlights From Scott Mills and Chris Stark's Final BBC Radio 1 Show

Scott Mills and Chris Stark Final BBC Radio 1 Show

They've been the iconic duo of BBC Radio 1 afternoons, but 25 Aug. marked Scott Mills and Chris Stark's final show at the station. And it was an emotional one. Mills called it his "dream job" as Stark told listeners his family were "so proud" of him.

As was to be expected, the 1 p.m.-3.30 p.m. time slot was complete with some of their most recognisable franchises, reflective montages, messages of support, and their favourite tunes. Some viewers even revealed they had taken half a day off to listen to the show.

Mills, who has been on the Radio 1 for 24 years, starting on the early breakfast show from 4 a.m.-7 a.m. After being moved to a weekend slot, and later weekday afternoons, "The Scott Mills Show" was originally cohosted by Mark Chapman (Chappers) until 2009. Stark officially joined the show in 2012, and they have remained firm friends throughout.

The creativity of the show has been loved by thousands of listeners over the years. "Innuendo Bingo", perhaps the most famous segment that involves celebrities trying to hold water in their mouths while listening to euphemism-laden clips from the radio, has seen the likes of Will Ferrell and Tom Daly try the game. "Bamboleo Wednesday", encouraging listeners to dance like crazy to the song, and "Flirt Divert", in which a telephone number was given to listeners to dish out at the weekend to avoid unwanted advances and voicemails played on air, are just some of the other ridiculously random and hilarious franchises adopted by the show.

The announcement that the friends would be departing came on 1 July as Mills declared "you can't be on Radio 1 forever", and the pair divulged their job had been an "escape" for them throughout the years. Mills is leaving to replace DJ Steve Wright on Radio 2, whilst Stark is heading over to Capital FM to join the Breakfast Show with Roman Kemp.

It's safe to say our weekday afternoons won't be the same without them. They've got us through the good times, the bad times, and the ugly. And were a beacon of light during the pandemic lockdowns. Ahead, relive some of the cutest moments from their final Radio 1 show. All that remains for us to say is . . . Love you, Bye!

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