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Sexiest Riverdale Episodes

It's About to Get Real Steamy Up in Here — These Are Riverdale's Sexiest Episodes Ever

Sexiest Riverdale Episodes
Image Source: The CW

The fourth season of Riverdale is upon us, and to celebrate, we want to take a look back at the show's sexiest episodes over the first three seasons. Sure, we love the friendships, the mysteries, and the snarky one-liners, but let's not kid ourselves about also tuning in for the romance and sexy time. With all that's going on in town, it's kind of astounding how much time they find for canoodling, but they definitely make time.

There are also plenty of sexy scenes that don't have anything to do with actual sex — because it's also sexy to watch our favourite TV teens (real-life adults, mind you) bond, plan heists, survive insane life-or-death situations, and thwart evil at every turn.

Tuck in, everyone: it's time to enjoy all of our favourite Riverdale eye candy.

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