Ciara Has an Iconic List of Sexy Music Videos

There's no question that Ciara is one of the sexiest women out there. The famed singer and mom of three has a body that most can only dream of, and she's not afraid to work it in her music videos. Ciara's dance moves are so iconic, they even inspired model Tabria Majors to create a video montage paying homage to her. So, it's no shock that she's produced some of the sexiest music videos of our time during her career.

Even when Ciara was just starting out in 2004, no one could deny she was hot like fire. Though there's an abundance of material to choose from, we've rounded up some of her steamiest videos right here — from her nostalgic "Jump" visual to the oh-so hot "Body Party," and plenty more. You might want to grab some water, because you're going to be feeling a little parched once you watch these.

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"Thinkin Bout You"

Things are getting flirty and fun in this video! Plus, there's a cute Issa Rae cameo. What's not to love?

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"Ride" feat. Ludacris

I dare someone to tell me this video isn't sexy. There aren't even other dancers in the video, just Ciara dancing in various costumes with brief interludes of Ludacris. Honestly, he's sexy in this video, too!

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"I Bet"

Some might think this is an odd choice for a sexy video, but Ciara looks amazing in a bodysuit and legwarmers, so I reject that thought! However, the sexiest thing about this video is how much of a classy clapback it is! In this house, we stan a queen who will show off how fine she is while letting you know you played yourself.

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"1, 2 Step" feat. Missy Elliott

BRB — one-two stepping all over the room right now.

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"Body Party"

Even though this video is sad to look back on considering who's featured in it, we cannot let that stand in the way of how freaking sexy it is! That dance number that starts at 2:52 is just ridiculously sexy. If you aren't practicing those moves in your bedroom after this, you're missing out.

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"Dance Like We're Making Love"

It's almost unfair how amazing a dancer Ciara is and how stunning she looks doing it. This video is art in motion.

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Have you ever wanted to be a microphone stand before? Now you will. You're welcome.

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"Oh" feat. Ludacris

Another Ciara and Ludacris collaboration that is off-the-charts sexy!

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"Love Sex Magic" feat. Justin Timberlake

Remember that time Ciara and Justin Timberlake collaborated on the rudest video ever made? My nonexistent edges and I definitely do.

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"Work" feat. Missy Elliott

If you've never had a construction worker fantasy, Ciara is here to help you out with that. The abs on this woman are just absurd.

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"Gimmie Dat"

Could I watch hours of Ciara just dancing in a warehouse? Yes, please.

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"Get Up" feat. Chamillionaire

This was SUCH a bop, and it was part of the iconic Step Up soundtrack. Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum are featured in the video, so the sexy is amplified by three!

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"Goodies" feat. Petey Pablo

This video was Ciara's debut single, and she's already sexier than artists who have been active years before her. The talent!

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"Level Up"

If this doesn't inspire you to elevate your game, nothing will.

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"Greatest Love"

Abs? Check. Sexy dance moves? Check. What more do you want?