See Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, and Kyle Mooney's Final "SNL" Sketches

The season 47 finale of "Saturday Night Live" was one for the TV history books. After news broke on Friday, May 20 that Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, and Kyle Mooney were all set to exit the sketch series viewers knew they were in for an emotional episode. However, nothing could fully prepare them for Davidson, McKinnon, Bryant, and Mooney's final sketches. Suffice it to say, there were some tears, but in true "SNL" fashion, there were a lot of laughs, too.

So far, only Davidson has released an official statement confirming his exit. Shortly before the episode — which was hosted by "Russian Doll" star Natasha Lyonne — the 28-year-old shared a lengthy post about his time on "SNL" via SNL" and "King of Staten Island" writer Dave Sirus's Instagram. "Thank you for always believing in me and sticking by my side even when it seemed comical," he wrote in part. "Thank you for teaching me life values, how to grow up and for giving me memories that will last a lifetime. SNL is my home. I'm so happy and sad about tonight's show. For so many reasons I can't explain. Can't wait to be back next year in a [John] Mulaney musical number."

Davidson went on to sign off during the "Weekend Update" skit, in which he joked about how legendary executive producer Lorne Michaels didn't think he was right for the show, but vowed they would "screw this up together." Mckinnon, Bryant, and Mooney's goodbyes were a little more subtle, but no less affecting. Check out the gallery to see how each of the long-running "SNL" cast members bid farewell to the series.

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Kate McKinnon

After 10 years, nine Emmy nominations, and two wins, McKinnon ended her run on "SNL" by bringing back frequent alien abductee Colleen Rafferty. Once again, Colleen went through a wild abduction scenario, but things turned serious when the NSA asked for a volunteer to stay with the aliens permanently in exchange for access to their technology. Colleen volunteered, which led to a tearful McKinnon saying, "Earth, I love ya! Thanks for letting me stay a while."

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Pete Davidson

Davidson's goodbye was the most straightforward of the night. After eight years, he signed off during the "Weekend Update" segment with Colin Jost. Along the way, he cracked jokes about his dating history, and how he's proof anyone can be on "SNL" before offering a sincere thank you to Michaels.

"Thank you to Lorne for never giving up on me or judging me, even when everyone else was," Davidson said. "And for believing in me and allowing me to have a place that, like, I could call home with memories that will last a lifetime."

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Aidy Bryant

Bryant — who is a 10-year alum like McKinnon — also bid "SNL" adieu during the "Weekend Update" segment. However, her farewell was more subtle since it was sandwiched into a typically hilarious "Trend Forecasters" segment with Bowen Yang. In between declaring what's in ("Tying cherry stems with tongue to impress for sex!") and out ("This is your captain speaking!") for summer, Bryant broke character as she said, "In: Ten nice years."

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Kyle Mooney

In typical Mooney fashion, the comedian's final sketch was wonderfully weird. He appears in "Women's Commercial," which is primarily about older women rocking grey pigtails. However, near the end, Mooney shows up as a man named Richard, who has one ponytail in his hair and another in his beard.