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The Best Squid Game TV Show GIFs as Memes

22 Squid Game GIFs I Can't Help but Turn Into Relatable Memes

The Best Squid Game TV Show GIFs as Memes
Image Source: Netflix

Squid Game may be an intense, plot-twist-filled watch, but there are still blips of levity sprinkled throughout the Korean drama series. From Oh Il-nam (Player 001) sitting in a corner before playing marbles to Seong Gi-hun (Player 456) awkwardly smiling for his ID photo and furiously licking his dalgona candy, these split-second moments are practically begging for the meme treatment, so I've done just that as a coping mechanism for having no more episodes to watch. Read ahead to see the best GIFs from the show (and save 'em for all your group-chat texting needs, of course), then take our quiz to find out which Squid Game character you are to further fuel your obsession with the hit series.

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