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Squid Game: Will There Be a Season 2?

Squid Game Director Hwang Dong-hyuk on a 2nd Season: “There Are a Lot Of Possibilities Out There”

Squid Game, Netflix's all-or-nothing Korean dystopian drama, has taken the world by storm. Since debuting in mid-September, the thriller has become Netflix's top-ranking show in 90 countries, and as of mid-October has officially become the most-watched series on in the streamer's history, leaving viewers around the globe clamouring for a season two.

In Squid Game, a group of desperately cash-strapped people compete in high-stakes traditional Korean children's games for the chance to win the equivalent of about £30 million. The reward comes with tremendous risk, because the consequence of losing these games is sudden death. By the end of the nine episodes, only one player survives, taking home a cash prize that will lift them out of debt.

Squid Game's brutal but unique concept was developed about a decade ago by creator Hwang Dong-hyuk, but it was passed over by production companies and studios for being overly dark and outrageous. Throughout that time, Hwang was living a somewhat parallel life to the fictitious characters he created, as he too was financially struggling and living with his mother and grandmother to make ends meet.

Although Netflix hasn't officially announced a second instalment of Squid Game, Bela Bajaria, Netflix's global TV head, hinted that conversations about a renewal may be underway, but any plans would be dependent on Hwang's current projects and schedule. "He has a film and other things he's working on," Bajaria told Vulture. "We're trying to figure out the right structure for him."

Hwang hasn't confirmed that there will be a second season of the show, either, but he did tease the potential for a storyline focussed on police inaction and abuse, should Squid Game be renewed. "I think the issue with police officers is not just an issue in Korea," Hwang told The Times. "I see it on the global news . . . This was an issue that I wanted to raise. Maybe in season two I can talk about this more."

Hwang made further comment when asked about season two by The Hollywood Reporter, explaining that he'd like to explore a few of the character's storylines in a little more depth. "What is going on between those two brothers? And then I could also go into the story of that recruiter in the suit who plays the game of ddakji with Gi-hun and gives him the card in the first episode," Hwang said. "And, of course, we could go with Gi-hun's story as he turns back, and explore more about how he's going to navigate through his reckoning with the people who are designing the games."

During the interview, Hwang concluded with as much mystery as ever, saying he doesn't know yet if he'll create another series of Squid Game, but he did admit, "I'll just say there are a lot of possibilities out there for season two storylines."

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