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The Princess Documentary Revelations

The 5 Biggest Revelations From "The Princess" Documentary

The Princess Documentary Revelations
Image Source: Kent Gavin / Courtesy HBO

Almost 25 years after her death, Princess Diana's life story is being revisited, once again. Directed by Ed Perkins, "The Princess," which premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, uses old interviews and news footage to recount pivotal moments in Diana's public life, including her highly publicised divorce from Prince Charles and fatal 1997 car accident in Paris.

The documentary is structured without any explanations or talking heads, letting viewers see Diana's life play out on screen just like the world did at the time. In using this "immersive approach," Perkins aims to reframe Diana's story and "offer something new to the conversation we are still having about Diana all these years later."

"Diana herself was a complex and paradoxical figure."

"I wanted to aim at something more immersive and unmediated, constructed solely from contemporaneous archive from the time — the very imagery that people 'knew' Diana through. No interviews. No hindsight reflection. My hope was that in doing so we might get to something more profound, with greater emotional clarity and honesty about those events and the strange power they had, and still have, on so many people," Perkins said in a statement. "I also wanted to revisit the national dialogue and debate around Diana at the time — something I think we have all too easily forgotten. Diana herself was a complex and paradoxical figure. It was, in my opinion, one of the things people found so fascinating and magnetic about her."

HBO released a trailer for the documentary on 26 July, sharing another close look at how the film chronicles the intense scrutiny Diana faced in the media as a member of the royal family. The 25th anniversary of her death is on 31 Aug., and the premium network debuted "The Princess" on 13 Aug. to lead into the sombre occasion. It's available to watch now on Sky Documentaries and streaming service Now.

With his documentary, Perkins hopes people will experience Diana's story through a fresh lens and see it both for what it was over two decades ago and what it is now. The film's five biggest revelations, plus its trailers, are ahead.

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