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TV Shows Ending in 2020

Say Your Goodbyes — These 38 Shows Are All Ending in 2020

TV Shows Ending in 2020
Image Source: Everett Collection

The TV landscape offers up more viewing options than ever before, but that doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye to our favourite shows. Sadly, cancellations are inevitable, and the list of shows ending in 2020 is already extensive. On the upside, networks and streamers alike are getting better about ending shows properly instead of leaving viewers with cliffhangers and maddeningly unresolved love triangles to deal with. That means long-running shows like Supernatural and Arrow, as well as newer series like Netflix's Trinkets, all will be given a chance to go out on their own terms — and give their fans the last episode they deserve.

Whether a show's been on TV for 15 years or just one, here's hoping this list gives you plenty of time to prepare for all the grand finales coming your way in 2020.

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