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13 TV Shows Like You

13 Shows Like "You" to Watch While Waiting for Season 4, Part 2

13 TV Shows Like You
Image Source: Everett Collection

Netflix did not disappoint with the season four return of its hit show "You." The series follows Joe Goldberg as he uses his "love" for different women to excuse more and more extreme measures . . . including multiple murders. While season four sees Joe diverge from his usual modus operandi (he's trying outrun his murderous past), he ultimately gets roped back into death and bloodshed when a new serial murderer called the Eat the Rich Killer turns up to torment his newfound affluent friends in London.

As thrilling as part one of season four was, the post-binge slump that follows is intense enough to drag you into Joe-level obsessing, and rewatching Penn Badgley scheme and stalk for the second time just isn't as exciting. Considering you'll have to wait until March 9 for "You" season four, part two to hit Netflix, here are 13 shows that have the same dangerous, suspenseful, and comical flair that "You" does so well.

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