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Weezer's "Lost in the Woods" Music Video With Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell Blesses the Snow Down in Arendelle For Weezer's "Lost in the Woods" Music Video

Kristen Bell is back in the Frozen forests for a fun reason: to join Weezer in their "Lost in the Woods" music video. The band covered the dramatic song — originally sung by Jonathan Groff as Kristoff in Frozen 2 — during the Disney movie's credits. On Dec. 6, Weezer released their own shot-by-shot recreation of Kristoff's scene with Bell as her character Anna. No, we don't get to hear Bell's beautiful voice in the '80s-esque ballad, but we'll take what we can get.

Speaking of songs with an '80s edge: I can't help but wonder, did Bell and the Weezer bandmates bond over their love of Toto's "Africa" while on set together? After all, she and her husband Dax Shepard created their own homemade music video to the iconic tune on a holiday years back, and Weezer famously covered "Africa" last year. I hope they got some good jam sessions going on set, at least.

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