Michael B. Jordan Is in Talks With Warner Bros. About a Superman Reboot, and Yes Please, DC

The Superman franchise has been rebooted twice (three times if you count Smallville) in the past 15 years — with varying degrees of success each time — and this morning there are rumours swirling that yet another rebrand for Clark Kent is on the horizon. This time, Michael B. Jordan has been thrown in the mix, despite previously appearing in Marvel's Black Panther back in 2018. But it's all left us wondering who we need to speak with to make this project an immediate reality.

On Tuesday, Variety reported that Jordan met with Warner Bros. in early 2019 to pitch his own vision for Superman, and honestly, whatever he's selling, we're buying. However, he apparently isn't quite ready to commit to taking on the project (particularly since filming isn't likely to happen for a few more years), with insiders estimating that the next Superman instalment isn't likely to hit theatres before 2023. There's also the small detail of there being no script and no director attached to a potential reboot, which supports the 2023 theory.

DC Films has had a few wins recently, most notably with Joker, which, last week, was confirmed as the first R-rated movie to surpass $1 billion at the box office. There's also Margot Robbie's Suicide Squad spin-off, Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), dropping on Feb. 7, 2020.

It's all up in the air at the moment, but it does seem that DC Films is really hitting its stride; we'll be sure to update you when more information is revealed.