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Watch Zendaya and Tom Holland Take a Harry Potter Quiz

Tom Holland and Zendaya Put Their Harry Potter Expertise to the Test, and It's Pretty Impressive

It's no secret that Zendaya and Tom Holland both have a shared love for all things Harry Potter. Between Zendaya's once-a-day movie routine and her costar's proud obsession, these two are clearly experts when it comes to the cult classic franchise. The Spider-Man: No Way Home stars put their knowledge to the test during their BBC Radio 1 interview on 10 Dec., and their perfect quiz results were actually quite impressive — scary almost.

The duo might've put other die-hard Harry Potter fans to shame, rattling off the names of Ron's rat, Hermione's cat, Hagrid's dog, and Neville Longbottom's pet toad so effortlessly. The pet theme might've given them a little edge when they finally caught on, but host Ali Plumb hit the nail on the head calling their quiz an "unfair lesson." "It's so funny now that you say that, [remembering this stuff] is so intense," Zendaya says in the video. "It's [like] a visceral memory." "You know what's so funny though," Holland adds, "I can remember all of that stuff. But when I was at school and you said to me, 'do a simultaneous equation,' my brain was like — no, not happening. But I can tell you all the Horcruxes, everything."

A note to any Harry Potter fans out there: this couple is definitely a tough act to follow. So if you ever want to take them on in a match-up, you better brush up on your skills now. Watch the Spider-Man: No Way Home costars ace their Harry Potter quiz above.

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