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5 Common Beauty Myths No One Tells You About

The 5 Widespread Beauty Myths No One Tells You About

There are a lot of common beauty myths people are eager to disprove: drinking water makes your skin more moist, popping pimples makes them go away, etc. But there are some misconceptions that are just as pervasive and don't get nearly as much attention. To see if you've been deceived, just keep reading.

  1. You can shrink your pores
    Nope — you can minimize the look of your pores by exfoliating and keeping them free of debris, but they're going to be the size they are. Astringents can help the skin contract, making them look smaller temporarily, but can't shrink them in the long term.
  2. The cysts on your face are always acne
    Most people assume their breakout is just that — a breakout. In reality, though, there are many other common skin conditions that look similar. People often try to treat bumps from rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and skin allergies using acne products, which can just end up irritating skin more.
  3. Tanning keeps your skin clear
    This is deceptive; it appears to work because tanning and burning desiccates your skin, so pimples seem to dry up. After a couple of days, though, your dry, now irritated skin might start pumping out even more oil than usual, and your flaky, damaged skin could clog your pores. Lots of people then try to tan again to "fix" the issue and just start the cycle all over again.
  4. Lip balm keeps your lips hydrated
    There are many lip balms and glosses that contain menthol or camphor, which just dry your lips out more. And even with products that don't, constantly re-applying throughout the day can actually break down your moisture barrier and dehydrate the delicate skin on your lips.
  5. Trimming your hair makes it grow faster
    This is the old wives' tale that just won't die. Trimming your hair often prevents split ends and keeps your hair in good shape, sure. But your rate of hair growth isn't determined by how much dead keratin you're lopping off. It's about genetics, environment, diet, and even the time of year.

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Source: The 5 Widespread Beauty Myths No One Tells You About

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