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8 Clever Makeup Tips You Haven't Heard Before

Makeup artists know all the secrets to looking great — those little tricks that can be picked up only by living in the beauty world 24/7 as they do. Fortunately, they're often as generous as they are knowledgeable. We talked with some of the best makeup artists in the business to get their best out-of-the-ordinary tips. (And no, we're not using the old "white eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger" thing. You've read it a hundred times.) Read on to see some of the best tips you haven't heard before.

Ditch the oil slick
To keep shine in check, Revlon Global Artistic Director Gucci Westman always keeps blotting papers on hand. But in a pinch, she has an unusual way to keep oil at bay. "Believe it or not," she says, "I sometimes put deodorant on my finger and dab under my eyes and t-zone to help create a matte look."

Try a colored eyeliner
Changing your eyeliner can make eyes look bigger and brighter, says makeup artist Tina Turnbow, who has worked with stars such as Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore. "Try swapping black for plum, olive green, or indigo," she suggests. "Black can close up the eye and make it appear smaller, because darker colors make the eye recede. Some colors, even brown, can be softer."


Go for sheer foundation
Adding aloe to foundation gives it excellent slip, says makeup artist Brett Freedman, who's helped women like Vanessa Hudgens and Leighton Meester get gorgeous. "Sheer out your favorite base by adding a half a pea size of aloe to your foundation before you apply," he explains. "Also, you can apply aloe to your face and while still dewy, spread on a little foundation. You're ready for Summer!"

Style your brows, size up your eyes
Doug Howell, Nars makeup artist, has an easy trick for making eyes stand out more. "Use a powder to define the entire brow, but give extra attention to the center arch area of the brow," he says. "Since this is the highest area of the brow, it tricks people's eyes into thinking your eyes look bigger." Use a brow brush to apply powder eye shadows that correspond with your hair color. He recommends Nars single eye shadows ($24 each) in these shades: Blondie for lighter hair, Bali for medium hair, and Coconut Grove for dark hair.

Create a wet look — for your lashes
"There's nothing sexier than the way lashes group together when they’re wet, like after getting out of a pool," says MAC Senior Artist Victor Cembellin. "Here’s the secret to the look: Apply MAC Brow Set in Clear ($15) to the eyelashes first, and then top with a coat of black mascara." The result: grouped, wet-look, sexy lashes.

Leave your lipstick in place
The same product can be used to keep lipstick in check, says MAC Senior Artist Louise Zizzo. "MAC Brow Set in Clear used around the rim of the mouth will help prevent lipstick from bleeding," she explains.

Create a camera-perfect manicure
When working with stars like Joy Bryant and Sheryl Crow, Dior celebrity makeup artist Ricky Wilson pays attention to details like fingernails. "One thing that I always do for nails is mix a bit of Dior's Skinflash pen ($37) with Dior Crème Abricot ($24) to get rid of any nicks at the base of the nail bed," he confides. "It also adds a beautiful sheen that I like to call 'red-carpet-ready' hands."

Get Bambi lashes without mascara
You don't need mascara to make your eyelashes stand out, says Mark celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh, who has worked with actors including Emma Stone and Ashley Greene. Just add eyeliner, she says: "To get voluminous-looking lashes, apply dark brown or black waterproof eyeliner to the upper rim of your eye — not on top of the lashes, but in between and underneath them. This gives the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes without having a lined eye."

Source: Flickr user vidrio

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8 Clever Makeup Tips You Haven't Heard Before  originally posted on POPSUGAR Beauty
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AngieShell1400595511 AngieShell1400595511 2 years

I really have to try that face thin tool. which is help to make my face thinner without makeup.

fyfe fyfe 3 years
Am I really the only person who thinks 'wet' (clumpy) eyelashes look terrible? I must either be doing things wrong or be way out of style since I'm spending money trying to find the mascara brush that wil separate my eyelashes!
Eilkas Eilkas 4 years
Ms. Westman is confusing deodorant with antiperspiant. Deodorant simply masks the odor whereas antiperspirant prevents the sweat from breaking through to the surface of the skin which is what causes the shine. Antiperspirant contains chemicals such as Aluminum Chlorohydrate, Ammonium Aluminum Sulfate, Potassium Aluminum Sulfate, Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Glycine, and Aluminum hydroxybromide. They cause the cells to swell and it is that blockage that contributes to the matte look. These chemicals are not intended, nor are they safe, to use anywhere near the eyes. If you inadvertently get any in your eyes, you will find yourself with red, stinging, irritated eyes. If used frequently on your T-zone, they can cause breakouts because of the clogging action of the chemicals. With so many wonderful mattifying primers available--ones that are non-comedogenic and non-irritating--why would anyone with an ounce of common sense be advocating the use of deodorant/antiperspirants in the eye area! I am particularly alarmed that some of your readers have indicated that they want to try it. Ladies, don't do it! Deodorant/ antiperspirant has never been approved for use around the eyes!
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 4 years
 @lamorm10 Sounds like it! What are some of your secret tips?
Erin2922489 Erin2922489 4 years
These tips are awful!  Why would you listen to this? Deodorant on your face?  What?  Deodorant works by clogging your pores.  Why would you want that on your face? Aloe in your foundation? When I apply aloe to a burn, it's always tacky.  I couldn't imagine wanting that on my face.  Who thinks clumped together eyelashes are sexy?  Aren't we spending all our money trying to find the perfect separating mascara? Makeup on your hands might be good for the red carpet, but wash your hands once and you'll need to re-apply.  Who wants to touch up all 10 fingers every time they go to the bathroom?  And applying eyeliner to the inner rim of the eye is not only dangerous and asking for an infection, but will come off into your eye and collect at the tear duct, giving you black (or blue or eggplant) eye boogers.  Not so sexy.
lamorm10 lamorm10 4 years
Well I must be a makeup junkie because none of this was new to me. 
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 5 years
Thanks, Lizlee + wee munchkin!
lizlee89 lizlee89 5 years
these tips are fantastic; you guys are awesome!
littlemunchkin littlemunchkin 5 years
Love these tips, especially the deodorant one! So random!
Jaime-Richards Jaime-Richards 5 years
I really have to try that deodorant one! Who would have known?
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 5 years
Thanks! We aim to please.
jezseeca jezseeca 5 years
wow, this was actually TRUE to the headline! i will be trying these tips for sure. Thanks so much for posting!
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