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American Apparel Saved from Financial Difficulties

American Apparel is Saved From Bankruptcy

In the Summer, it was revealed that American Apparel was suffering from some financial problems. The company has never shied away from controversy, but is now making moves in a more positive direction.

For example, pictured is one of their new ad campaigns which shows CEO Dov Charney in bed with the company's creative directors. The brand has also managed to renegotiate it's deal with Lion Capital meaning that they don't have to file for bankruptcy. Charney commented,

"Retail is hard right now. I’m not alone in this. You have to work for every dollar, you have to work on the merchandise, make sure the product mix is perfect and the allocation is right. It’s a tough market right now."

Stocks in American Apparel went up 16.3% on Friday due to the deal, but the company are still in danger of being delisted from the exchange due to later paper work. Are you pleased that the company has been saved?

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