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Best Alternative to Mom and Boyfriend Jeans

We've Found the Perfect Alternative to Mom and Boyfriend Jeans

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I've been wearing skinny jeans ever since the day I realised that flares aren't that flattering on me. However, after a love affair of over a decade and a desire to once again lead a comfortable life, I've come to the decision that it's time for me to move on.

This past year, I've been eyeing and trying different boyfriend, girlfriend, and mom fits, spending more time that I'd care to admit looking at myself in badly lit mirrors. Unfortunately, all these fitting room gymnastics have taught me is that: 1) boyfriend jeans make my legs look bigger than I want them to; 2) girlfriend jeans are slightly too large around the leg and hip area; and 3) mom jeans simply make me look like, well, my mum, circa 1994. So, with no desire to look like a potato sack, I've just kept on wearing my skinny jeans in the hopes that, one day, I would finally find the affordable pair that would tick all my boxes — and I'm pleased to say that my patience has finally been rewarded.

One evening, as I was aimlessly wandering through Topshop's denim section, I decided to give another go to straight legs and randomly picked the Orson Slim Jeans (£42). It was a cut that I'd never heard of, but the high waist and mom-like fit immediately attracted my eyes — and as it turned out, they were exactly what I had been looking for all those months!

With a flattering hight waist, they didn't flatten my bum like most jeans do. The comfortable slimline fit also didn't make me look like I had borrowed my boyfriend's trousers, no rips were to be seen, and at £42, they were a big win. So keep reading to bag yourself this perfect alternative to the mom and boyfriend fits — and if you're looking for something a bit different, have a look at these nine unusual pairs of jeans.

Image Source: Courtesy of Topshop
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