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Best Comfortable Underwear

You’ll Never Believe the Hidden Detail This Blogger Credits For Her Success

Believe it or not, conquering the day has less to do with drinking coffee and everything to do with wearing the right underwear. We've partnered with Sloggi to share how you can set yourself up for success from the bottom up, starting with Zero Feel underwear.

From the moment they wake up and post on Instagram to the moment they fall into bed after they've attended an intimate brand dinner, it's clear that bloggers don't work a normal nine-to-five shift. For lifestyle content creator Emily Valentine Parr of Style Lobster, no two days are alike. "I do find that as someone who runs my own business, every day is different, which is what keeps my job exciting," she shared. This doesn't come without its challenges, but after four years and over 50K Instagram followers, Emily's got it down to a science.

What's her secret for a smooth, successful work day? Well, the answer might not be what you'd expect: comfortable, versatile underwear. "I am often leaving the house first thing, packing a bag for a day of five different events with three different outfits. I need things that are hardworking and adaptable — items like underwear for example, that fit underneath any outfit." Ahead, discover how the right pieces help her conquer her day in style and comfort.


On most mornings, Emily wakes up and heads straight to the gym for a workout session with her personal trainer. Along with her leggings, she'll reach for her Sloggi Zero Feel Sporty Top to wear in lieu of a sports bra. It's the ideal top with it's multi-stretch fabric and a moisture-wicking finish. "It's really lightweight, super flexible, and feels like a second skin," she noted. From there, it's usually on to a morning meeting with a brand. "Usually, I'll grab breakfast afterward and if it's a casual meeting, I'll go straight in my workout gear," she said.


Once she's knocked out a few meetings, it's time to head home to shower, eat lunch, and catch up on work for the afternoon. This is when Emily tackles the bulk of her work — writing and editing, admin catch-up, collecting parcels, unboxing and organising products, and pulling looks together for photoshoots. To be her most productive, she capitalises on comfort. "T-shirt and jeans, hair up in a bun — I'm very much going to be in something casual just so I can sit down and smash out some emails."

For this, the Sloggi Zero Feel bralette and matching hipster are ideal for their unfussy fit and seamless feel. "I'm absolutely all about comfortable underwear that is a second skin to me — something I can't feel or see," Emily noted. "I love that there are no labels. It's the most annoying thing when there's a label scratching you all day. I feel physically comfortable and emotionally empowered being in this underwear because I know it looks good, but it also feels good."


Just because Emily has wrapped up with email and admin doesn't mean the work day is over! She's often got a full evening of socialising ahead of her. This means that Emily will get dressed up and head out to a cocktail meeting or brand launch event followed by an industry dinner — but not before meeting up with her photographer to capture her outfit of the day. For this, she's partial to her Sloggi Zero Feel Body. "I love the fact that it's an all-in-one garment to go under cocktail dresses and slinkier outfits with no lines showing," Emily said. "It's super comfortable and for me, this piece is the ultimate girl-next-door sexy."

Credits: Photographer: Kat Lipska