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Best Sandals Summer 2018

POPSUGAR / paid for by / UGG

Warmer weather is on the horizon, and it's never too early to start planning your wardrobe. We've partnered with UGG to help you put the right foot forward as you kick off your Summer of fun.

Have a look at any girl's Summer calendar, and we'd almost guarantee it includes the following: barbecues, weekends away, adventures with friends, and — of course — at least one music festival. With a full social agenda comes the pressure to stay on top of our outfit game around the clock. But, unless you've got unlimited funds and a lot of wardrobe space, that just isn't realistic. That's why having a versatile wardrobe is crucial — especially when we're talking shoes.

Thankfully, there are chic and functional options to suit every occasion. We've rounded up four of our favourites ahead. Inspired by the carefree California girls who have mastered the balance between casual, trendy, and versatile, you'll definitely want to stock your wardrobe with one of each style.