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Big Little Lies Season 2 Style

Buckle Up For Some Badass Style in the New Season of Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies Season 2 Style
Image Source: HBO

We grew to know and identify the Monterey Five through their wardrobes in the first season of Big Little Lies. But things are changing in season two, what with the introduction of more characters (hello, Meryl Streep!) and these ever-evolving relationships. You know as well as I do that these little details are going to affect the clothing in a big way.

Renata Klein is featured in a photo shoot at her home that presents her as a power woman right off the bat. She's pictured posing in a metallic red tuxedo gown with a slit and thigh-high boots. You can tell she's loving every second of it. Meanwhile, Bonnie is adjusting to a new lifestyle, and her looks are a little more relaxed. In other words, she's putting way less effort into keeping up her signature bohemian goddess look around the house and even when she shows up to Otter Bay. Then you've got Celeste, who seems to be keeping her dreamy maxi gowns stowed away and is replacing them with simple separates during her grieving period.

Each week, we'll update you with all the little details and most meaningful outfits from each episode. When it comes to these women and their closets, we can only make one solid prediction: Madeline's preppy, pink, put-together style just isn't going to budge.

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