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The Boat Shoe Is the Latest Trend For Spring

Trend Alert: Boating Shoes

I can remember back in my school days when boating shoes were in style. There's no mistaking that rubber sole and those nautical white laces stitched around the sides. Boating shoes are almost always slip-ons, except for the occasional tie right at the top about the lip. They are soft, comfortable, and typically not super expensive unless, of course, you have fancy taste and plan to wear boating shoes to be seen rather than sail the high seas with these Alithia Suede Boat Shoes from N.D.C. (£165).

NDC at ShopStyle

Take a peek at these boating shoes below and let me know which ones you like best. Also, I've got my eyes peeled for a kelly green pair, so if you find any, do keep me posted!

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