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Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy's UK State Visit

How Carla Bruni Won Us Over with her Wardrobe

It seems slightly wrong to spend the majority of Nicolas Sarkozy's visit to the UK discussing his wife's wardrobe. But when a President marries a supermodel, fashion and politics collide and suddenly fashionistas become interested in the news! From the moment Carla Bruni landed on British soil her outfits have been under constant scrutiny from the press, but the feedback has been mainly positive. Firstly she went for a demure classic look with a Dior coat and pillbox hat, then she introduced a shot of colour in to her wardrobe with a fuschia coat. She also wore this gorgeous burgundy dress for the state banquet at the Guildhall. She has worn flats for the whole visit ensuring she is not towering over her husband. One things for sure, that girl knows how to pack!
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